The main interface of ReMaker.

What the hell is ReMaker?

Remaker was designed for all musicians, who wanna have more than ever the same TB-3o3 sounds in their tracks. Just like us…, So I created ReMaker. ReMaker converts Rebirtth RBS 2.0 songs into the Standard MIDI-1 Format (SMF) or vice versa!

Now you can play TB-3o3 sequences with your ‘real’ synthesizers or samplers!
(I tried some sequences with my Clavia NordLead and I can tell ya, it sounds like hell!!)

Of course, you can create also some shuffled and flamed MIDI drum patterns, played with your favorite drum samples or drum kit!

ReMaker is designed for ReBirth 2.0 songs only!

1.5 songs are ignored! If you wanna convert a 1.5 song, load with ReBirth 2.0 and save the song, after that you have a 2.0 song! (what else πŸ˜‰ )

Imagine! Playing a trumpet or piano sample with TB-3o3 slides!

No problem! Now you can! Choose any instruments playing with your GM soundcard with the TB properties like ‘Slide’ and ‘Filter’! ReMaker uses for this functions CC (Continous Controllers) and the Pitchwheel! So you get the right TB sound feeling!

And it doesn't converts the notes only! No....

All the following knobs, sliders and functions will be converted:

All TB Knobs
You can define the right controller for your synth!
TB Slide
You must have a General MIDI or GS compatible soundcard or module! 'Cause ReMaker switches with RPN the pitchwheel sensibility to +/- 24 semitones! Not working with FM synthesizers!
Emulated TB Filter EG (!)
Definitely the best part of ReMaker! ReMaker emulates with the TB settings 'EnvMod' and 'Decay' the Filter Envelope Generator (FEG)! Note: The MIDI files getting huge, if you enable this function!
ReMaker uses CC 10.
ReMaker uses CC 7 and for the TR levels the velocity property.
TB/TR Accent
Will Pump up the volume! With velocity!
Yeah! This rocks! Let's swing... This function is supporting all machines!
TR-9o9 Flam
The 4 to 60ms delays and double strikes? No problem for ReMaker!
Load/Save of Options/Filter
Of course you can load and save all this options! You can create for every synths you have a *.REM file for later use! Share them with other users in the World Wide Web! Also send this files to me! THX!

Note: Be sure that:

  1. Track 1 and 2 is for both TB-3o3s and track 3 and 4 for the TRs.
    ReMaker converts only the first four tracks!
  2. The MIDI file is in the MIDI-1 format, MIDI-0 will be not accepted!
  3. Range of notes is from C2(24) till C5(60) = 3 octaves like the TBs
  4. You don't have more than 32 different patterns each track!
    ReMaker will mute patterns, which are too much!
  5. You know, that ReMaker is converting the notes only!

Add some PCF and whatever yourself after the conversion! ReMaker isn't your cleaning mother! πŸ˜‰

Don't expect a wonder...

ReMaker and GM/GS isn’t supporting everything!

I really don't know, whether I should program this in the future!
Unfortunately not supported thru GM and GS!
Two filters? TB and PCF at the same time? Forget it!!
Rocks only with 'real' audio stuff!
Tone / Tune / Decay / Snappy of both TRs
Sorry, but you can overdo things!
Pattern less then 16 steps!
No logic found! Read Fred's statement! "Well, there isn't much logic in that actually, it doesn't work quite like people seem to want it to. In pattern mode it sounds fine but in song mode it always becomes 16 steps anyway."

Listen to the MIDI and RBS samples!

Check out yourself the MIDI examples done with ReMaker and listen to the possibilities with your GM/GS soundcard!

RBS to MIDI examples

πŸ”Š Demo 1

A single TB-3o3 bassline for users with an EWS 64! MIDI and RBS files included!
This is TimmyB's 'Fonda Workout'! Listen here to the shuffled drums! MIDI and RBS files included!
MIDI to RBS examples

πŸ”Š Ghostbusters

Overworked RBS files! I added some PCF and knob moves, the rest did ReMaker.
Another examples.

Download ReMaker

Click here to download ReMaker from the Download Center.