Credit mode PlugIn

Credit mode PlugIn

Important upgrade informations for version 2.5 to 3.1.x concerning Credit mode!

Since version 3.1.x of NordBeat’s Jukebox you must have the Credit mode PlugIn license which is liable to pay the costs to activate and use the Credit mode under NordBeat’s Jukebox for one Jukebox and year. This pertains the parallel- and serial interfaces and also the shortcut keys within NordBeat’s Jukebox.

One PlugIn-License costs USD 119.99 a year

Click PayPal Buy Now button below to buy a yearly PlugIn license:

Install CoinListener PlugIn in version 3.2+

  • Start an Windows Explorer (as an administrator in Windows Vista, 7 and 10)
  • Open the NordBeat’s Jukebox plugin folder
    (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\NordBeat\NordBeat’s Jukebox\CoinListener\).
  • Copy desired CoinListener.exe (SimpleFTP or NEW ccTalk) file
  • Paste into NordBeat’s Jukebox root application folder
    -> C:\Program Files (x86)\NordBeat\NordBeat’s Jukebox\
  • Enable credit mode in NordBeat’s Jukebox under Jukebox Settings.

How to activate the PlugIn?

After purchasing the yearly license, do following steps:

  • Double-click CoinListener.exe
  • Copy and paste the displayed Challenge Code into an e-mail and send it to e-mail address:
  • To finish activation, copy and paste given Response Code from us into Response Code textbox
  • Click OK and close CoinListener

To test the PlugIn with your configuration without purchasing a license, just follow steps above. You’ll get a test license from us for 1 month.

Documents ccTalk PlugIn


When using the ccTalk CoinListener PlugIn, you have to install the .NET Framework 3.5 from Microsoft, otherwise the plugin will not function properly!

Specification for data cable (Parallel-Port) for most ccTalk coin acceptors.

⬇️ Datenkabel_LPT_Parallele_Schnittstelle_ccTalk.pdf (German only – 212 KB – Unfortunately offline at the moment!)

Thanks to Andreas Kempe for sharing this document.

Documents for the SimpleFTP PlugIn

Specification for data cable (Parallel-Port) for use with a MEI CF330 and a 12 voltage Interface Platine 212.

⬇️ Specification_Data_Cable_ParallelPort.pdf (1.68 MB)

The CashFlow 330 Applications Design Guide

⬇️ MEI-CF330.pdf (3.31 MB)

Which Coin/Bill acceptors are supported with NordBeat’s Jukebox?

Generally all acceptors as long they supporting following requirements:

  • A single output line with a pulse (50ms +) per dollar.
  • or 1 to 6 seperated lines output pulse (50ms +) to connect to the parallel port of pc.
  • or having a serial COM port without having special protocols.

Please understand and bear with us, that we cannot test and list at this juncture all available acceptors around the planet with any combinations of corresponding interfaces.

Of course any new configuration documents of new Coin- and Bill acceptors are sorely welcome here!

Thanks a lot!