NordBeat's Jukebox

NordBeat's Jukebox

The Kiosk mode of NordBeat’s Jukebox.

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What does NordBeat's Jukebox?

NordBeat’s Jukebox the All-In-One-Multimedia-Center Solution just for you and for modern Bars! The Jukebox is designed for use with a Touchscreen Monitor and has a special Kiosk-Mode to prevent modifications of songs and settings.

  • Forget bulky CD changers
  • Forget having to search for your favorite CDs
  • Do you want to hear a song and you don’t know the artist or album? Well… that’s over now!

Get the Jukebox and put your whole music collection to a single PC! Designed for easily searching and exploring for Albums, Artists and Songs supported with graphics to discover. Use the Playlist Generator and your mood to settle the music to play with a few clicks!

Screenshots of NordBeat's Jukebox

3D Animations of Albums and Artists in Kiosk mode.

The Key Features

  • Customized functions and enhancements possible with db-Script Editor.
    Need more functionality in your Jukebox? Go ahead with the db Script editor, to write your own scripts to organize and manage the sound files.
  • Kiosk and Bar Mode to prevent unwanted deletions and modifications of songs in your bar and of course to use the Jukebox with a Touchscreen Monitor and with build-in On-Screen-Keyboard!
  • 3D Animation of current playing album and artist.
  • WebInterface Administration to remote control several Jukeboxes in your household or Pub with a simple Web browser or your iPhone.
  • Credit Mode to use with Coin- and Bill acceptors connected via serial COM- or parallel port. A separate license is required to activate this feature. Read on here
  • Skin-Editor to edit or create your own Skins!
  • New Karaoke Mode to simulate a real Karaoke engine for your Parties!
    (Synchronized Lyrics *.LRC file support)
  • Multi instance Smart CD-Ripper to easily rip and encode (in the background) your whole CD collection to the Jukebox. You have three CD-Rom devices? Use them all at the same time!
  • Lock mechanisms for Songs, Albums, Artists and Genres.
  • Song and Artists Playlist limit mechanisms to prevent adding same Songs/Artist songs multiple times to playlist.
  • Playlist Generator
    The Auto-DJ mode to generate and manage your own (Auto-Play) Playlists depending of your current mood…
  • Organizing Functions
    You can create folder structures of your Song files on the hard disk directly! Choose your new desired file name format of your sound files on the hard disk.
  • Auto and Manual Song title/Artist assign for CDDB mistakes
  • Shortcut Generator
    Now you can create various shortcut-collections to link your sound files! No need to move or organize all your sound files!
  • Song Editor to edit and tag all your sound files.
  • Set Favorite and Party flags for your personal showpieces
  • Categories to categorize your songs.
  • Top 100 to see the most popular albums/artists/songs played in your Jukebox.
  • Report Generator to generate reports to the HTML format. You can define your own templates!
  • Add-On Little Nero to burn a Audio-CD with one click!
    Note: To use Little Nero, a full installation of Nero 6 is required!
  • Song Explorer. You can search, edit, assign and sort by Albums, Artists, Songs, Genre, Year, etc…
  • Picture database and helping tools and scripts to search for Albums and Artists Pictures
  • Peer-2-Peer Console: The sharing Tool for sharing your Songs with your friends in a private P2P Network!
  • Old Playlists to watch and protocol played songs in the past.
  • Supports Winamp 5.8 as Player or WMP as Internal Player.
  • Read and Tag following sound formats:
    MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, MPC, MPP, MP+ and FLAC
    Read only: AAC, MP4, WAV

.. and many other features!

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or Windows 10.
  • Processor 1.8GHz+ with minimum 256MB memory.
  • Latest Installation of Windows Media Player when Internal Player is selected.
  • Winamp 5.8 when Winamp is selected as Player.
  • A huge Harddisk to store your collection!
  • High Color, Minimum Screen Resolution 800×600 – Recommended 1024×768 +.
  • CD-ROM Drive for CD-Ripper with installed ASPI driver.
  • Touchscreen Monitor if using in Touchscreen Mode.
  • …and of course a Soundcard!

Download NordBeat's Jukebox

Click here to download NordBeat’s Jukebox from the Download Center.