MIDI Remoter

MIDI Remoter

NordBeat’s MIDI Remoter main screen with demo session template.

What does MIDI Remoter?

MIDI Remoter is a MIDI Remote Control Tool. It is designed to remote control Reason or any other Hard- or Software Synthesizers / Mixers / MIDI components, etc….

You can create your own programs and banks a GUI with buttons, switches, sliders and even graphics with build-in editor.

Use MIDI Remoter with a touch screen monitors or a simple mouse for live acting.

Download MIDI Remoter

Click here to download MIDI Remoter from the Download Center.

Screenshots & Help

Programmers are lazy doc writers, so try it out for yourself! 😉 MIDI Remoter should be intuitive enough. Just play around with the demo session template to get an idea of MIDI Remoter.

Let’s start!

Pressing function key F5 will switch MIDI Remoter to Edit Mode. In this mode you are able to change the GU interface. Clicking a Button, Switch or Sliders will popup the Action Editor and the Properties Window.

Toolbox and the different properties settings for these components…

The Heart of MIDI Remoter – The Action Editor to write Action Scripts!
Example with two actions…

Add new actions available for.. Buttons and Switches and for Sliders…

…will popup  the ‘Edit Action‘ Window.

Windows from the menu “Midi” and “Tools”

The Picture Manager is used to manage your own pictures and icons for buttons and switches. New images can be imported or existing ones deleted.