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History of NordBeat's Jukebox  
Version 3.2.22
       Update is not possible via Web-Update!
       Please download and install latest full installation setup.

      • Now free for all!
      • Some minor fixes...

Version 3.2.20
       Update is not possible via Web-Update because of following error fixes!
       Please download and install latest full installation setup.

      • Fixed Runtime Error '0'
      • Some minor fixes...

Version 3.2.16
      • Fixed Picture 'Search in Internet' bug. Quicker and using now Bing!
      • Fixed WebInterface header error.
      • NEW: Added POPM Popularimeter tag for ID3v2.

Version 3.2.12
      • Fixed 'Picture Search in Internet' bug.

Version 3.2.10
      • Improved Sound File scanning with error logging!
      • Fixed Picture Search in Internet bug.
      • Many other small fixes and improvments...

Version 3.2.7
       Update is not possible via Web-Update! Please download and install latest full installation

      • Added 3.1.x database support.

      • Fixed 3D Animation and playlist handler when using Winamp (Vista & Windows 7).
      • WebInterface (1.1) completely overworked and optimized for mobile devices!
      • Added new ccTalk CoinListener PlugIn for USB/LPT interfaces.
      • Added album and artist picture icons in lists (Admin mode).
      • Added new BPM tag in song editor and in admin mode lists.
      • Dropped Amazon Search and added new picture search function for albums and artists.
      • Improved saving of new albums and artist in Song Editor.
      • Add new event for Scheduler.Events in db-Script -> Sub PlayModeChanged().
      • Many other small fixes and improvments...

Version 3.1.850
      • Error when loading and saving playlists fixed. Thanks David for your support!
      • CD Ripper job file handling improved.
      • CD Ripper window size is now higher.
      • New default encoder preset (192kbps) in CD-Ripper. Bye bye VBR!
      • Fixed NOT operator handling in db-Script.
      • Fixed Radio Station links under tab Radio.
      • Optimized some db-Scripts. (Full-Setup only)
      • Added PicShare Job Manager db-Script under Admin scripts. (Full-Setup only)
      • Added new Database Repairer & Window pos. reset tool. (Full-Setup only)
      • Added new feature! Can you discover it? ;-)
      • Many other small fixes and improvments...

Version 3.1.822
      • NEW! PicShare! PicShare is a Peer-To-Peer solution for an automatic picture lookup
         for your albums and artists.
      • Amazon's album cover search reactivated and updated to AWS 4.
      • Removed double-click to toggle Auto-Cue function on Pause button.

Version 3.1.811
      • NEW! Customizable 3D Animation 'Screensaver'.
         (Take a look into file '3DAnimation.ini')
      • NEW! Magic Menu (Tools button) for Sorts,Views, etc...
      • NEW! Free Play Mode for Credit Mode.
      • NEW! On-Screen Keyboard can fixed in main frame on the bottom.
      • NEW! Search-on-the-fly for Kiosk mode.
      • Fixed search when using special chars like [, ], * , etc...
      • Fixed bug in db-Script fs.Dir function.
      • Delete song 'hack' in Kiosk Mode has been fixed.
      • Picture search while song scanning improved.
      • Reading of asnplaycnt MP3 tag (Played counter) added.
      • Double-click Karaoke window to maximize.
      • Removed 'Album: ' prefix for song buttons.
      • Some GUI improvements.
      • ... and some minor things.

Version 3.1.670
      • New module: Advertising Manager (liable for costs)
      • OEM capable to brandmark the jukebox (liable for costs)
      • Added skins Blue Steel und Blue Box in full setup.
      • Additional skin layouts without transport panel (for bars).
      • Many corrections when using Winamp 5.3x.
      • Winamp 5.3x crashes fixed! (update is a must!)
      • New: Real-Time search in Kiosk Mode.
      • Updated KRM module.
      • Optimizations of Skin-Editor and CD-Ripper.
      • Font error in skins fixed.
      • Overworked repeat mode.
      • Improved WebUpdate.
      • Fixed day display bug in lists.
      • Overworked EULA.
      • etc...! Don't ask, just update!

Version 3.1.634
      • NEW! Transitions in Kiosk-Mode (disableable).
      • Album and artist animations optimized in Kiosk-Mode.
      • Fixed context menu bug in Kiosk-Mode.
      • Added missing file extensions in full setup like FLAC, AAC, etc...
      • Fixed 2 bugs in Autoplay-Mode. Thanks to Haggi!

Version 3.1.626
      • Overworked scan mechanism once more...
      • Bug 'Operation is not allowed...' fixed when changing mode.

Version 3.1.624
      • Completely overworked shortcut system. Now system wide!
      • NEW: Volume adjustment in % for Auto-Play mode!
      • Auto-Play mode overworked. Fixed bug in credit mode.
      • Removed and replaced obsolete Active-X controls.
      • Overworked jukebox settings window.
      • A few enhancements...

Version 3.1.600
      • NEW: Added support for COM Port bill acceptors.
      • NEW: You can open a Master Database as a local copy.
      • NEW option: Show album picture only in playlist.
      • NEW option: User can use 'Play Next' in Playlist.
      • Fixed album and artist popup menu in admin mode when using transport panel
         is locked.
      • Transport panel shortcuts are now allowed in bar mode when using transport
         panel is locked.
      • CD-Ripper invalid rip path fixed (Runtime error 52)
      • Playlist: Album and artist font size bug fixed.
      • Reshuffle playlist at end of playlist.
      • The credit bonus system isn't currently working with shortcut keys. Fixed.
      • Fixed relative path problem with new Winamp versions 5.18+ when loading
      • Also some minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.584
      • Credit-Mode and PlugIn overworked (Case Joe)
      • Credit Bonus System: Like Rowe 4,9,25 Inputs (Case Joe)
      • Lyrics Path Selector (Wish from Thorsten)
      • PlayedLast info corrected in Kiosk-Mode
      • New Clone function in Skin-Editor
      • Skin preview graphic and information when selecting skins (needs slightly skin modifications)
      • Restore Playlist/Song position when loading a playlist
      • More options to enable/disable Special Searches
      • Settings Window rearranged
      • 3 new languages!
      • even more options...

Version 3.1.540
      • Fixed faulty export of songs having no categories (Full Setup required)
      • db_Command Timer run-time error fixed
      • Play Now / Next / Delete Song captions fixed (Kiosk Mode - English only)

Version 3.1.534
      • New Option: Confirmation Dialog when adding single Songs
      • PLGenerator: Take Playlist as Auto-Play criteria
      • More touch friendly dialog windows for OK/Yes/No messages
      • Fixed mouse position error in Remote Control (WebInterface)
      • Fixed Backspace-key runtime error in Kiosk Mode

Version 3.1.522
      • Fixed Played Counter bug
      • You can append playlists now
      • New Option: On/Off Song playing times (Kiosk Mode)

Version 3.1.517
      • 12 new db-Script funktions and methods (For Jukebox Automation!)
          db.SetElementProperty(element, property, value)
          db.GetElementProperty(element, property)
          db.RaiseAction(actiontype, value)
          More and examples under db-Script help!

      • Option: Fullscreen for Videos
      • Searchbox background color fixed
      • Option: on/off structured lists.
      • Option: 'Play Now' behaviour
      • Added new Info-Types and Action-Types for Skin-Editor
           Info: System Time
           Info: Playlist Name
           Info: Playlist Duration
           Info: Song Property with qry_Song Field like Played
           Action: Toggle Auto-Cue Mode
           Action: Toggle Auto-Play Mode
      • A few little enhancements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.489
      • Ugly error fixed for new glass button!
      • Unicode problem solved (Hang ups for Unicode-systems)
      • New Glass-Look for buttons

Version 3.1.480
      • Song Preview in Admin and Kiosk Mode (for DJs!)
      • NEW: Tag Read/Write Support for MPC,MPP,MP+ (MusePack)
      • Fixed Playlist Delete hang up in Kiosk-Mode
      • CD-Ripper caused error at startup. Fixed

Version 3.1.470


      • Whole design of Jukebox completely overworked
      • Skin-Editor to create your own Skins!
      • On-The-Fly rating with 5 stars, favorite and party!
      • Secondary Genre field for songs.
      • Options window completely redesigned and tidied up
      • New already-played Icons in song lists (useful for DJs)
      • Ready for MEI Cashflow Bill and Coin acceptors (Need a special license!)
      • P2P-Console overworked to share your songs! Try to connect to www.nordbeat.com ;-)
        (No illegal uploads please! Free Songs only!)


      • On-The-Fly rating now possible for songs, albums and artists!
      • Picture Smoother for shapelier display of pictures
      • New button Start/Stop Auto-Play Mode
      • Artist of Album also possible to display
      • NEW: Sort by Artist of Album in album view
      • New Feature: After selecting an album the next screen displays all artist of that album (with pictures)
      • [Please Wait...] window when switching views
      • Play Now moves song next to current song
      • Favorite search for albums and artists
      • Added Icon for albums, artists, etc...
      • New scripts in [Special]
      • Show only Ablums and Artists with a existing cover

Shortcut keys

      • Shortcuts Remapper. Finally shortcut keys for windows, player panel (volume) and even to call db-Scripts


      • Much better Drag'n'Drop handling. From list to list or playlist or even outside of jukebox
      • New Settings.mdb database
      • Better handling of multiple databases on your system.
      • Overworked Auto-Play mode
      • Update existing sound files during scan
      • It's possible to automatically create all found genres during song scan
      • Little Nero can burn now Data-CDs.
      • Multiselect edit for albums ans artists


      • Added NOT option to Playlist Generator for genre and categories
      • CrashGuard
      • Automatic Lyric Window Opener for Karaoke songs
      • Show albums and artists with picture only (Kiosk Mode))
      • Option to enable Playlist-Generator modifications in Kiosk/Bar-Mode


      • Added more db-Scripts (History-Clean, Show Shared Songs, Compilations, Without Picture, Singles Album, etc...)
      • New field added: 'Need administration password'
      • You can call a db-Script with a shortcut key now
      • New commands:
        - RunScript("script_name","proc_name)
        - db.QuitJukebox
        - db.ShutdownSystem
        - db.RestartSystem
        - db.StartAutoPlay("PGPlaylist_name")
      • You can specify target folder now for db.LoadPlaylist() and db.SavePlaylist()
      • Completely overworked duplicates finder scripts. (Much faster now!)


      • New database fields:
        - Songs: [Size] (of file), [Shared] to allow upload
        - Artists: [Created] and [HasPicture]
        - Albums: [Created], [HasPicture], [Released], [IsSingle] and [HasPicture]


• More commands added
  List of availables commands (cmd):
play ....................................'Transport panel actions
stop.....................................' "
pause....................................' "
repeat...................................' "
shuffle..................................' "
skip_previous............................' "
skip_next................................' "
autoplay.................................'toggles auto play mode
resetcredits.............................'resets credits to 0
lyrics...................................'toggles lyrics window
visual...................................'toggles video window
deleteplaylist...........................'delete whole playlist
togglebarmode............................'toggle bar and admin mode
load_database_settings...................'reload database settings
switchfontsize...........................'switch song title font size
playnow=playlist_pos.....................'play song of playlist_pos now
playnext=playlist_pos....................'move song at playlist_pos to current song+1
playnextnow=playlist_pos.................'move song and play at playlist_pos to current song+1
addsong=song_id..........................'add song with song_id to the playlist
addalbum=album_id........................'add album with album_id to the playlist
addartist=artist_id......................'add artist with artist_id to the playlits
volume=n.................................'set volume n=0-255
seek=seek_ms.............................'set song position in milliseconds
addcredits=n.............................'add n credits
startautoplay=id|name....................'start auto play mode. id or name playlist
shutdownsystem...........................'shut down the system
restartsystem............................'restart the system
runscript=modulename.....................'execute an module with name modulename
volume_up=step...........................'increase volume with value step
volume_down=step.........................'decrease volume with value step

database.................................'database sql execute statements
http://jukebox_webinterface/panel.html?action=database&m ethod=update&table=tbl_Song&where=1&id=Song_ID
  method.........................'update, insert, delete: SQL sta
  table..........................'table name 'tbl_Song', 'tbl_Album', etc...
  where..........................'value for where
  id.............................'field name for where

Version 2.5.50
      • Fixed bug: Categories of Song not assigned at Import!
      • Changed Skin not displayed after Import.

Version 2.5.40
      • Fixed several small bugs.
      • Added Album title to Little Nero.
      • Resume of Albums and Artist songs (Special-Direct-Play only)

Version 2.5.30
      • Fixed bug of DJ-Mode when Play button is also used for Pause.
      • Added Auto-Cue function (especially for DJs).
      • Added more options under Jukebox Settings (User requests).

Version 2.5.25
      • Fixed small CDDB DiscID error for Copy-Protected CDs.
      • NordBeat goes 7'' Part II (Play/Pause Button).
      • New: Search Button in Kiosk mode when mouse is hided.
      • Small details overworked.

Version 2.5.20
      • Fixed bug when scanning WMA files with hidden pictures. (Can't find file AlbumArtSmall.jpg error)
      • Added Support to read WMA Tag information.
      • Improved and optimized scan function.
      • NordBeat goes 7'' Touchscreen
         - A few improvements for small touchscreen monitors.

Version 2.5.10
      • NEW: WebInterface Administration to remote control several Jukeboxes in your household or pubs with a Web browser!
         - Fully customisable HTML sites!
      • NEW: Completely overworked multi instance CD-Ripper!
         - Now stand-alone! You have three CD-Rom Devices? Use all at the same time! (User request)
         - Added local CDDB to store your CDs.
         - Recovery System for restoring crashed encoding jobs.
      • Added options to enable or disable buttons/views/navigation in Kiosk mode. (User request)
      • Added more options to control and lock panel, volume, etc....
      • One-Click play option added for albums and artists songs. (User request)

Version 2.4.60
      • You can define the path for the picture database. (User request)
      • CD Track numbers possible up to '9999' now. (User request)
      • NEW: ABC Search letter bar in Kiosk Mode. (User request)
      • Option to disable Fade In/Out effect of windows. (User request)

Version 2.4.40
      • Minor bug fix of Album/Artist animation in Kiosk Mode.
      • Minor bug fix for folder check when defining root folders.
      • Playlist Generator is now frameless in Kiosk Mode.
      • Touchscreen Keyboard also frameless.

Version 2.4.30
      • Added new feature: Shortcut-Generator!
         Now you can create various shortcut-collections to link your sound files!
         No need to move or organize all your sound files!

      • Completely overworked and enhanced organization and renaming functions!
           - Removed some obsolete admin scripts. (1. All-in-One and 3. Folder structure & Rename)
           - You can define more than one root folder now.
           - Preview of organization/renaming of sound files to check out the result!
           - It's possible to parameterize the folder structure and rename format.
           - Messing up existing folder structure is gone now!

      • Added new scripts to store or remove album pictures to sub folders and ID3v2 tags.
      • ID3v1 tags read implemented (finally, such a basic thing! ;-) )
      • New default Skin is now 'BlueBox' (Looks simply better!)
      • Fixed album and artist animation in Kiosk-Mode. Scrollbar was visible. Fixed!
      • When adding a song in Kiosk-Mode, you can hold [Ctrl] to play song directly or [Shift] to play song as next. (User request)
      • Added 'What's new' information when a new Jukebox version is released.
      • Tweaked loading GFX.

Version 2.2.68
      • Added Newcomer and Export mode. Dropped superfluous Playlist section in tab [Admin].
      • BUG: Recursive scanning of sub folders sometimes skipped some songs. Fixed!
      • BUG: When scanning many songs with ID3v2 pictures caused a memory leak! Fixed!
      • BUG: Scanning songs with corrupt ID3v2 caused a Jukebox crash! Fixed!
      • Added new script 'Radio-Stations' in Kiosk-Mode. (User request)

Version 2.2.44
      • Added new options to the Organizing Setup Wizard to enable or disable automatic tagging, renaming and folder structure updates.
      • Added new button in Kiosk-Mode to list Artists with Albums. (User request)
      • 2 new options to run the Jukebox in Isolation-mode and to lock Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence.
      • New! Animations 'Now Playing...' of Album and Artist' in Kiosk mode.
      • Re-arranged options in 'Jukebox Settings'
      • Added short-cut Ctrl+O for 'Jukebox Settings'

Version 2.2.2
      • NEW: Report Generator to generate reports to the HTML format. You can define your own templates!
      • Tagging of genre fixed! Internal genre table overworked and enhanced.
      • Added new button in Kiosk-mode to sort albums by albums or year.
      • More scripts added (only when re-install the setup!)
      • new db-Script commands added to use new features.
      • Better window handling. Sometimes the windows like internal browser keeps invisible. Fixed!
      • Minor bugs fixed and improvements done.

 Version 2.1.210
      • Top 100 in Playlist-Generator caused to hang the Jukebox, when you have large history (played songs). Fixed!
      • Size label (0x0) of ID3V2 Picture in Song-Editzor not updated when choosed some picture tools. Fixed!
      • Added new Command 'db.SaveID3V2Picture' to the db-Script language.
      • Lyrics button at top left is now always visible to show Lyrics or Karaoke Simulator.
      • Switching between Admin and Kiosk-Mode is now a bit faster.
      • Added option to save pictures as JPEG format.

Version 2.1.204
      • BUG: Inadvertently renaming of song files when saving songs in root paths of hard disks.

Version 2.1.203
      • BUG: Critical Folder-Structure bug fixed when Song has no folder structure and no album affiliation while saving!
         This one caused copying sound files arround the system into some \xx\xx\xx\ folders. Sorry for that!

Version 2.1.202
      • New feature for Kiosk-Mode: Simple lists for Album and Artist, good when no pictures are stored in database.
      • Small bug fixed in db_Script.
      • Forgot to translate three buttons in lyrics-editor.

Version 2.1.200
      • ID3V2 Picture support added in Song-Editor (User request)
      • Common Picture functions overworked and [new functions] added
      • ID3V2 Picture assign for Albums and Artists while scanning Songs

Version 2.1.179
      • New Karaoke Mode to simulate a real Karaoke engine for your Parties! (Synchronized Lyrics *.LRC file support)
      • Lock mechanisms for Songs, Albums, Artists and Genres
      • Song and Artists Playlist limit mechanisms to prevent adding same Songs/Artists multiple times to playlist
      • Normalizer for MP3s and Audio-CD-Ripper
      • Enhanced search functions in Kiosk-Mode
      • You can now open and save different databases
      • New functions added to db-Script and db-Script-Editor
      • New Skin 'Bluebox' and Skin function für graphics support overworked
      • ...minor bugs fixed and small enhancements

Version 2.0.102
      • Completely overworked with new features! Too many to mention all here...!

Version 1.29
      • Added three new features: Automatic Genre/Year assign for Albums and Artists
      • Jukebox and P2P Console: Some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.28 - Setup problems fixed on Win9x and Win2K!

Version 1.28
      • P2P Console: Added new feature to auto connect to remote host
      • P2P Console: Decreased Winsock send/receive buffer from 4096 to 1024 bytes for faster response times
         this means P2P Console is no longer compatible with older P2P Console versions!
      • P2P Console: Timeout increased from 3 up to 5 seconds to avoid 'host offline'
         when remote host is in heavy busy
      • Old Playlist table and import/export functions overworked
      • P2P Console is finally stable! Thanks to Eurogrundi for the Stress-Test-Night ;-)

Version 1.27
      • Build 230: Added Winsock_Error Event Procedure to avoid unexpected connections errors
      • Completely overworked P2P Console
      • You can search and browse through the whole database of connected hosts
      • Dropped Winsock.ocx and replaced it with the IMHO more stable API Winsock DLLs

Version 1.26
      • Song Editor: Added new checkbox 'Save when apply' for faster editing of Songs
      • Drag'n'Drop feature again overworked to avoid errors from another applications
      • Delete Album/Artist with delete related Songs didn't refresh the lists: Fixed
      • P2P: Added new checkbox 'Add to Log File' to log all Monitor and Chat Messages to 'P2P_Console.log'
      • P2P: Improved DNS Check of Client IP when computer is behind a router
      • P2P: Added Ignore IP List Editor, to block unwanted computer
      • P2P: Computer will added automatically to the ignore list when loged on 10x with wrong password
      • ... and again some minor bugs fixed and small enhancements

Version 1.25
      • NordBeat's Jukebox has now a Winter look ;-)
      • Playlist Generator completely overworked
      • Added new Drag 'n' Drop features: You can sort now your Songs in the Playlist
      • Color customizing of Jukebox: Now you can select your own colors of desire
      • Quick Scan Folder function (F11) to scan new Songs of selected folder in one go
      • Update ID3v2 Tags of all modified Songs - This function updates all modified Songs only
      • New columns in Song lists: Played and Played Last
      • NEW: Bar Mode to prevent unwanted deletions and modifications of songs in your bar (F1)
      • NEW: Top 100 to see the most popular songs played on the Jukebox
      • NEW: Old Playlists to see played songs in the past of your Parties
      • NEW: Categories to categorize your songs
      • Minor bugs fixed and small enhancements
      • etc...

Version 1.23 - 1.24 (internal releases only!)

Version 1.22 (RC3)
      • P2P Console bugs fixed
      • NEW: P2P Search tab overworked - Searching now possible for Party, Favorite, Genre and Rate
      • NEW: Added option in Preferences - Autostart of P2P Console when starting Jukebox
      • Double-click Song in transport panel will popup Song-Editor for playing Song
      • Minor bugs fixed and small enhancements

Version 1.21 (RC2)
      • Added feature to resize the jukebox!

Version 1.20 (RC1)
      • Many Features overworked and bug fixed!
      • NEW: Finally Online Help written!
      • NEW: Song Explorer: Dropped Explorer, added Song Explorer in Song tab instead with many more features...
      • NEW: Added picture database for Albums and Artists!
      • NEW: Import and Export tools of db's Jukebox database for future migration cases
      • Execute Command added.
      • Added favorites columns in Album and Artists
      • P2P Console: Added DNS properties for client and hosts like No-IP DNS
      • etc...

Version 1.18
      • HOT! Multiple files Scan! All Winamp supported sound files! No longer Mp3:s only!
      • Fixed some label descriptions (Thanks Erich! ;-))
      • Explorer: Drag'N'Drop error in Explorer fixed! It's working again...
      • Explorer: Overworked Song list in Explorer
      • P2P: Transfer Speed performance a bit overworked and improved
      • Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.17
      • Replaced system popup menus with nicer ones
      • Database bug fix (1.16). Dummy Album and Artist were deleted

Version 1.16
      • Direct Letter Search/Filter in Song Tab
      • Added more Genre types like in L.A.M.E. (needs full setup installation!)
      • Minor bug fix P2P Console

Version 1.15
      • NEW: ETA (Estimated Time to Arrival) in Transfer List (Up and Downloads)
      • Overworked Installation Procedure
      • NEW: Progressbar with ETA in Admin Tools
      • Only one instance of NordBeat's Jukebox can be started
      • P2P Network Display Overworked
      • Fixed Type Mismatch Error in P2P Search
      • Startsite of Webradio changed (now smaller to load)
      • Improved behavior of WebRadio at Jukebox startup
      • Start/Stop behavior of Winamp improved when Saving Album/Artist or
         renaming Album/Artist in Explorer

Version 1.14
      • HOT! Now with Peer-2-Peer Console to share your songs in a private Network (No Open Nap!)
      • New: Equalizer Window
      • Few Features overworked

Version 1.13
      • Radio Explorer overworked - Part II

Version 1.12
      • Winamp SHOUTcast Radio, now you can listen to thousands of Radio Stations in the internet
      • Overworked Icons and buttons

Version 1.11
      • Popup menus overworked
      • Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.10
      • Nice to have feature: You can choose different list views for song lists
      • Shortcuts new defined, [Ctrl+A] is now 'select all' and [Enter] Add to Playlist/Direct Play
      • Minor visual changes in all lists
      • Song lists: Song search with keyboard now possible, I rearranged column order.
         If you update Jukebox.exe, you have to reorder the columns yourselves.

Version 1.09
      • Fixed several minor bugs: Icon added for application, bugs in tool functions, etc...
      • Added Button for Start Visual Plug-In
      • Rearranged GUI Graphics and new Loading GFX
      • Optimized some GFXs, Jukebox.exe is now smaller

Version 1.08
      • Added new point under Preferences: You can limit shown recordsets in lists for better
         Default is Top 500. Practical if you have many song files or a slow computer
      • Delete in Playlist now possible (workaround, not the best solution found)
      • Reorder of list columns now possible
      • Search textboxes behavior changed, press enter to begin search.
      • Loading Status text added

Version 1.07
      • Added 3 new list columns: Path of Song, Bitrate and Frequency
      • Tools tab is now locked for Album/Artist if Album/Artist is no longer valid

Version 1.06
      • Manual Artist Assign Form overworked
      • Genre Database matched for Winamp Standard

Version 1.05
      • Added Online Jukebox News Monitor
      • Strange Short Cuts behavior in Explorer fixed
      • Annoying Start & Stop of Winamp removed at Jukebox  Startup and Song editing
      • Functions Delete all empty Albums/Artists fixed
      • Some minor bugs fixed
      • new Loading GFX

Version 1.04
      • Folder Structure Functions hangs under some circumstances. Fixed

Version 1.03
      • Active-X setup problem solved
      • Screen flicker at startup fixed

Version 1.02
    • now more reliable with folder structure functions!
     • Tools tab for Song/Album/Artist

Version 1.01
    • Start of first public release
Registration Tool  
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