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I want to thank a few persons and praise some web-sites for publishing their great source codes, dynamic link libraries and active-X components! List in no particular order:

vb-accelerator (Steve McMahon) for the CD-ripping part - Worth a visit!

CDex for the CDRip.dll to fulfill the CD-Ripper. BTW CDex is a free and great CD-Ripper!

Inno Setup (Jordan Russel) and IS Tool (Bjørnar Henden)
   Great Setup compiler and GUI for Inno Setup for free!

MP3Gain (Glen Sawyer) to normalize MP3 sound files!

Manuel Kasper for the fast and free WAV normalizer

Freedb.org - Provides a free CDDB internet database!

Jon F. Zahornacky & Peter Schmiedseder for the Active-X component uFREEDB!

ActiveVB.de is a great source for german coders, many good tips'n'tricks there!

The Frog Prince who coded the class vbid3lib.dll to handle ID3V2 tags!

VB Master which is providing many 'cool' and free WinXP style components!

Thanks to y'all! Without you, the Jukebox wasn't born!

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