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MIDI Remoter October 21, 2019  
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MIDI Remoter  

What does MIDI Remoter?

MIDI Remoter is a MIDI Remote Control Tool. It is designed to remote control Reason or other Hard- or Software Synthesizers/Mixers/MIDI Components, etc....

You can create your own Programs and Banks with Buttons, Switches, Sliders and even insert Graphics with build-in Editor.

Use MIDI Remoter with a Touch-Screen Monitors or simple a mouse for Live Acts.

Screenshot of MIDI Remoter 1.2.9

Features and even more Screenshots

See some [Screenshots] for short overview of all NordBeat's MIDI Remoter features.

Online Help

Programmers are lazy doc writers, so try it out for yourself! ;-) MIDI Remoter should be intuitive enough. Just play around with the demo session template or visit this page [Screenshots] to get an idea of MIDI Remoter.

If you have problems, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc..

...don't hesitate to write me some lines about your request! Check this places:

Support Site

Forum for NordBeat's Tools


First release!

Download MIDI Remoter

Click [here] to download MIDI Remoter.


Registration Tool  
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