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October 21, 2019  
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Download NordBeat's Jukebox  

NordBeat's Jukebox

NordBeats_Jukebox_32.exe (Ver. 3.2.24)
Full Installation setup, Win2000-XP-Vista-Win7, Size 7.78MB


Version 2.5: No longer supported!

NordBeat's Jukebox is designed for:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista (XP compatibility mode recommended!)
  • Windows 7 (XP compatibility mode recommended!)
  • Windows 8+
  • Windows 10

 Older Systems are no longer supported!

Many thanks to all translators:

Celso Rodrigues (Portuguese)
Onno Sloof (Dutch)
Oleg (Russian)
Hallgeir Gjesdal (Norwegian)

How to create a backup of most important files of Jukebox?

To create a backup, copy and save following directories and files:

•    Lyrics
•    Pictures
•    Playlists
•    Reports *
•    Skins *
•    WebInterface *

•    Jukebox.mdb
•    Settings.mdb

 * ONLY if modifications were made by you!

Afterwards you can install new version of Jukebox. if necessary, copy backup files back.

Installation instructions (Please read!)

Read following update instructions steps carefully, if you already have an installed version of NordBeat's Jukebox!

Follow this steps to store all your data like Songs, Genre, Rate, Artist and Album settings...

1. Launch current installed Jukebox.
2. Go to [Admin] -> [Database] -> [Export Database Tables].
3. Select all tables (if you don't changed the db-Scripts, deselect 'db-Scripts')
    and export the database file to the desktop.
4. Quit Jukebox.
5. Install now new Jukebox
6. Launch new Jukebox, Register first Jukebox and go ahead to
    [Admin]-> [Database] -> [Import Database Tables] and
    select database file from desktop to import all tables and restore old database.
7. That's all folks!

Download MIDI Remoter  

MIDI Remoter

MIDI_Remoter_129.exe (Ver. 1.2.9)
Full Install, Win95-XP, Size 3.37MB


Note for Windows 98
    Ensure that you have installed the latest DCOM98.EXE
    and MDAC_TYPE.exe 2.8 from Microsoft!

Download ReMaker  


ReMaker_132.exe (Ver. 1.32)
Full Install, Win95-XP, Size 1.94MB


Registration Tool  
For an overview of all purchased NordBeat Jukebox licences or if you have lost a license key, just use the Registration Tool to get a complete list of all licence keys.
Down Dribbler  

'Und er tropft und tropft und tropft....'