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Song Editor / Details (Single Edit)

Edit Song Title Assign Album for Song Add new Album and assign to Song Assign Artist for Song Add new Artist and assign to Song Edit Track Number Edit Year of release Select a Genre for this Song Rate this Song Set this Song as favorite Song Set this, if the Song is a Party Hit General informations about current Song Edit or add a comment Open a Windows Explorer of current File path File path of current Song

With this Editor you have the possibilty to edit, delete and modify one more multiple
Songs from Song database.

    Let's have a look to the functions behind the buttons

Save changes of Song into the database and keep editing.

[Apply & ID3v2]
Save changes of Song into the database and write ID3v2 tags to MP3 file.
    Keep Song editing.

[Add to Playlist]
Add current song to Jukebox's playlist

[Direct Play]
Play current Song immediately

Execute Song, it's like the same when double-clicking a Song in Windows Explorer.
    In other words, you can execute everything than Songs only.

Delete current song (from database and/or from harddisk)

[Lyrics Search]
Using Google and the Internet to search the Lyrics for current Song

Close and finish 'Song Editor'

See also -> Song Editor (Multiple Edit)

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