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CD Ripper / CD Ripper

Start ripping of Audio Tracks Ripping and Encoding Progress Bar Select all CD Tracks FreeDB Lockup for Audio-CD informations Swap Song titles and Artists Track Listing of Current Audio-CD. Pressing F2 will edit Song Title and Artist. Delimiter is '/' Enter here all required Audio-CD Information for correct tagging of Song Files. Play, Stop and Eject current Audio-CD Refresh Current Drive Select your Rip Device Select an Encoder Preset

If you are familiar with CD-Rippers so it's should be easy to remember how everything goes.

Why a new CD-Ripper?
Coz this CD-Ripper allows smart background encoding (Jobs), this means you can rip new
Audio-CDs whilst CD-Ripper is encoding the tracks of last Audio-CD!

WARNING: In some countries it's still considered illegal to rip Audio-CDs onto the
Harddisk! Use this CD-Ripper at your own risk or you know what's legal!

Note: To use this CD Ripper, it is required to install latest ASPI driver from Adaptec!

Let's have a closer look...

    Select your CD-Rom Device to rip an Audio-CD.

    Select an Encoder preset for ripped CD tracks.

[Select All]
    Select all tracks of Audio-CD to rip.

[FreeDB Lockup]
    This button performs a search at a FreeDB.org server for the song title and other
    information about current Audio-CD.

[Title <-> Artist]
    Sometimes the song titles and artists informations are permuted. You can correct such
    situations with this button.

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